Toulouse: a dynamic, attractive European metropolis.

The capital of the Occitanie region, the city has preserved its gentle way of life. Its many assets contribute to creating a quality of life on the banks of the Garonne that attracts talent.

A rich cultural life, with numerous museums.

Theatres and festivals to suit all artistic tastes, and a national orchestra whose reputation extends far beyond national borders

A large number of sports facilities, 1,000 hectares of parks and gardens, and a 760-kilometre network of cycle paths.

Toulouse, a capital city.


Innovation is in Toulouse's DNA. This land of pioneers was the birthplace of Concorde (the first supersonic aircraft), the A380 (the world's largest civilian aircraft) and major European satellites. With its 2,000 years of history, Toulouse has never stopped looking to the future.

International prime contractors, start-ups, leading schools and universities, R&D laboratories and centres, clusters, incubators: a multitude of players of all sizes are working side by side and mutually enriching each other to position Toulouse as a major innovation centre for connected, autonomous vehicles, IoT, Big Data, Fintechs, etc.

of learning

Toulouse is a city of excellence, home to the talent of today and tomorrow.

Every year, 120,000 students (including 15,000 international students) in every academic discipline are attracted to the Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées, its 10 engineering schools, its 7 specialist schools and its 4 universities.

Cutting-edge research is carried out at world-renowned institutions: CNES, ONERA, CEA, IRIT, LAAS, CNRS, INSERM, INRA, etc., plus unique facilities such as the 220-hectare Oncopole innovation campus dedicated to oncology and life sciences.


Every day in Toulouse is a celebration. The atmosphere reveals the personality of the people of the South: authentic and friendly. With its renowned art of living and exceptional heritage, Toulouse is a great place to live in, as is its sunny weather.

Numerous festive events punctuate the life of the city! These are all major occasions that lend a fresh, sensitive aspect to the city.

Throughout the year, the Tourist Office offers a programme of almost 100 tours devoted to history, monuments and heritage, as well as more unusual aspects of the city.


Public and private health initiatives in Toulouse are multiplying, in areas as diverse as the fight against cancer, diabetes and obesity, with strong synergies between the aeronautical and medical sectors.

Dermatology, cosmetics, gerontology, heart surgery, microbiota anti-bioresistance: all these areas of excellence are helping to make Toulouse a European and global centre for health research.

Oncopole, the only campus of its kind in Europe dedicated to life sciences research, brings together public and private stakeholders: Pierre Fabre, Evotec, CRCT, Cancer-Bio-Santé, Clariant, EFS, etc.

Toulouse in figures

Toulouse, a key destination for conference and convention organisers.

Toulouse Metropole and all its partners (Occitanie Region / Pyrénées-Méditerranée, Department of Haute-Garonne, Tisséo), together with their delegate Toulouse events/GL events, are working together to market MEETT as a showcase for the region’s economic dynamism.

The Convention Bureau of the Agence d’Attractivité de Toulouse Métropole, whose specific missions are to facilitate, support and supervise the setting up of events, also enables project promoters to benefit from an expert approach to their needs and a complete range of skills and services.

Getting to MEETT.

  • Bordeaux 2h
  • Montpellier 2h15
  • Lyon 4h
  • Paris 4h10
  • Barcelone 3h50
  • Marseille 3h50

Train timetables

  • Toulouse-Blagnac Airport
  • 44 international routes
  • 34 daily flights between Paris and Toulouse
  • 6th largest airport in France
  • 9.6 million passengers in 2019
  • 74 destinations with direct flights

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MEETT, Parc des Expositions, Centre de Conventions & Congrès Concorde Avenue 31840 AUSSONNE
Concorde Avenue

  • 5,000 spaces on site
    (3,000 visitor spaces / 2,000 exhibitor spaces)

Contacter Toulouse Events

Dites-nous tout.

La mission première de Toulouse events avec le MEETT est d’organiser et accueillir des événements générateurs de valeurs, de dynamiques économiques et commerciales et d’opportunités de développement.

Contacter Toulouse Events

Dites-nous tout.

La mission première de Toulouse events avec le MEETT est d’organiser et accueillir des événements générateurs de valeurs, de dynamiques économiques et commerciales et d’opportunités de développement.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined by the European Commission as the voluntary integration by companies of social and environmental considerations into their commercial activities and their dealings with stakeholders.
While CSR is the practical implementation of sustainable actions applied to companies, the acronym ESG refers to the Environmental, Social and Governance criteria to be taken into account when assessing a CSR policy.

The GL events Group’s primary objective is to reduce its carbon footprint, with the target of reducing energy consumption by 25%. Measures have been taken to achieve this, including an ambitious energy efficiency plan, promoting renewable energies, encouraging low-carbon transport and mobility and measuring its carbon footprint.
GL events has also developed a roadmap for reducing emissions.

The second objective is to limit the use of single-use products and to maximise its circular economy The Group has implemented an eco-design policy to maximise waste reduction through asset rotation, and GL events is continually working to improve waste sorting and recovery.

The third objective is to develop diversity and territories through GLO-CAL partnerships and activities. GL events is committed to solidarity and philanthropy. The Group encourages responsible purchasing and supports the SSE (Social and Solidarity Economy). GL events also believes that diversity is a strength and promotes this through its ethical and entrepreneurial values.

The main results of this strategy are seen in:

  • a 22% reduction in emissions in 2022 compared with
    the data published in 2019 for the 3 axes.
  • 52% of the Group’s electricity (France and International) being classified as renewable, including 100% of venue sites in France being supplied with renewable electricity.
  • a 12-point increase in the waste sorting rate. The Group is aiming
    to increase this figure from 32% in 2019 to 44% in 2022.

The Group’s CSR vision is embodied operationally by the GreenTech+ division. This organises 9 trade fairs dedicated to accelerating the ecological transition through product and industry trade fairs. This new GL events Group entity is committed to supporting the industry’s players in their development, seeking out solutions for the future and encouraging our fellow citizens to become increasingly eco-responsible.